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Green Oasis: The Heart of Camp TigerLily's Kitchen Garden

Updated: Feb 21


Located at the fringe of Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary (which is a part of Dudhwa Tiger Reserve), Camp TigerLily is situated in one of Terai's most exquisite wilderness areas. And truth be told, we are first-timers in the Hospitality world. At Camp TigerLily, we are on a mission to provide: environmentally conscious hospitality, enhancing well-being, ensuring sustainable conservation while also empowering the local communities.

The Heart of Our Kitchen Garden

In the heart of Camp TigerLily, we've crafted an oasis where the charm of nature seamlessly blends with contemporary comfort. Picture relaxing on a cosy sofa, the warmth of a nearby fireplace adding to the ambiance. To your left, through large windows, you're treated to the lushness of our kitchen garden. This vibrant patchwork features cabbages, broccoli, tomatoes, and carrots, creating a vivid display of colours. The air is fragrant with the scents of freshly grown garlic, ginger, and herbs like mint and coriander, making the garden a sensory delight that nourishes both sight and taste.

Just beyond our carefully tended garden, the scenery opens up to expansive farm fields, capturing the wild, natural beauty that borders Camp TigerLily. Each evening, as the sky is painted with the colours of dusk, our garden's fresh produce embarks on a transformative journey. In the skilled hands of our resident chef, these ingredients are crafted into exquisite culinary creations. The dishes are a celebration of colour and flavour, each telling its own unique story from garden to table. At Camp TigerLily, dining is more than just eating; it's an experience that honours the gifts of nature, meticulously prepared to enchant all your senses.

Combining Views with Flavours

Dining at Camp TigerLily offers an enchanting blend of visuals and tastes. Guests are treated to a captivating experience, akin to watching a tennis match, as their attention oscillates between the untamed charm of the jungle on one side and the peaceful allure of the kitchen garden with the sprawling open fields on the other. Each view brings a fresh appreciation for nature's magnificence, enriching the dining experience as every bite is paired with an ever-changing natural backdrop.

Sustainable Practices in Action

At Camp TigerLily, our dedication to sustainable practices shines through in our organic kitchen garden, where we grow every vegetable with a deep awareness of ecological balance. We rely on traditional methods, using cow dung manure as a natural fertiliser to enrich our soil organically, avoiding any chemical additives. Additionally, we've embraced a nature-friendly pest control approach by using a homemade concoction of chilli and neem leaf boiled water. This not only keeps our plants healthy but also ensures the well-being of the surrounding ecosystem and its inhabitants.

Impact on Local Wildlife and Environment

The positive impact of Camp TigerLily's practices on local wildlife and the environment is evident in the increased presence of birds and smaller animals within and around the camp. The flourishing kitchen garden not only adds to the camp's aesthetic but has become a magnet for wildlife. Birds of various species are more frequently observed, adding to the natural melody of the area. Furthermore, the presence of civets, mongooses, monkeys, owls, deer, wild boar, and even cats on the pathways outside the camp speaks volumes about the harmonious coexistence fostered here. This increase in wildlife sightings enhances the experience for guests, offering a closer connection with nature, and demonstrates the positive influence of environmentally conscious practices on the local ecosystem.

The abundance of fruit-bearing trees throughout Camp TigerLily enhances its relationship with the surrounding environment and wildlife. These trees serve a dual purpose: they add to the camp's natural beauty and are vital in supporting both human guests and the local animal population.

The fruits they bear are intended for everyone – guests, birds, and animals alike. This creates a shared space where wildlife can thrive alongside human habitation. This symbiotic relationship between the camp's flora and fauna exemplifies a successful balance between human activity and natural preservation.

At Camp TigerLily, our steadfast dedication to sustainable practices intertwines with the enriching guest experience we offer. We're deeply committed to eco-friendly tourism and work every day towards preserving natural habitats. We warmly invite our guests to immerse themselves in this blend of luxury, nature, and sustainability, to experience the tangible benefits of responsible tourism.

Join us at Camp TigerLily and immerse yourself in a world where luxury meets sustainability. Here, you'll not only find a peaceful retreat but also become part of an important movement towards environmental conservation. We're more than just a getaway; we're a community dedicated to preserving our planet. Book your stay today and experience the perfect harmony of nature and comfort. Your adventure with a purpose awaits at Camp TigerLily.

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